about us

Tashko Engineering Company was established in 2015 with the aim of technical and professional development of our dear country's industry, with more than 10 years of experience of board members and relying on young experts in Zanjan city and now serves industry, mines and respected producers. is. Tashko Engineering Company, with the aim of technically and professionally upgrading the industry of our dear country, announces its readiness to perform technical and specialized services of that esteemed company.


The description of some of Tashko's activities is as follows:

  • Design, construction and implementation of mining processing line projects
  • Design, construction and implementation of chemical production line projects
  • Design and manufacture of storage tanks under pressure of steel and carbon steel
  • Design and manufacture of industrial steel and carbon steel mixers
  • Design and manufacture of steel and carbon steel heat exchangers
  • Consulting and supply of parts and optimization of equipment and machinery
  • Consulting, project control and documentation of technical documents
  • Modeling and reverse engineering of parts and machines with engineering software

The main mission of this company is to transfer world knowledge to the country's industry with the aim of increasing efficiency and improving the quality of equipment and increasing their productivity. The company's specialists design and simulate the case equipment based on engineering software as well as valid standards.

Some of the completed projects are:

Manufacture of copper concentrate production equipment of Kavir Mes Mashreq Zamin Company

Construction of mining equipment of Tuzlar Gold Mining Company

Manufacture of mining equipment of Ak Kahour Iron Ore Company

Stored and pressurized steel and carbon steel tanks of Iranian Golden Drop Company

Design and manufacture of spa boilers, soap mixers and soap rotary ovens

Construction of 1.5 million liter sulfuric acid storage tank of Calcimi Dandi Company

Construction of absorption towers, converters and other equipment for sulfuric acid production